Sunday, September 5, 2010

Motivation...or the lack thereof

Where have I been recently? It sure isn't updating my blog nor is it working on the quilt. For some reason, I have no motivation to work on it. To be honest, though, I hit this same point with just about all of my projects especially the bigger ones. I'm not tired of the quilt and I'm not tired of working on it, but my mind keeps whirling ahead to the next project. How do I stop that from happening? A long time ago, I realized that I can't start a new project until the one I am currently working on is finished (or I acknowledge that I have lost interest in it and put it away for a future time). This quilt is about 2/3 finished so I don't know why I can't seem to focus on finishing it. Anybody have suggestions? I am going to try to work on it some this afternoon or evening. Maybe I can get it to the 3/4 finished point. I had hoped to have it finished for the last SWAN meeting and now it doesn't look like it will be ready for this week's meeting, either. Darn it!

I have enjoyed a couple of nice lunches with friends in recent weeks. It's always a pleasure to spend time with good friends. If those friends would retire, too, then we could spend long lunches instead of rushing to finish so they can go back to work. All in good time, I suppose.

Think I'll try to rummage around and hopefully find some motivation to get back to work on the quilt. Wish me luck!