Sunday, August 21, 2011

Making Progress

Hello again. Time for another stimulating post. :-)

As the title says, I am making progress on my projects. Still lots to go, but progress nonetheless. As I mentioned before, I signed on to test two patterns for The Quilt Pattern Magazine. Both patterns have been tested and the results and photos sent to the magazine. I can't show you the photos of the items yet, though, because they haven't been published. I can say that I am killing two birds with one stone with each item. One of the items is Christmas ornaments that turned out really cute and will serve as my contribution to the SWANS ornament exchange in December. The other is a stuffed animal that will be a perfect addition to the baby quilt that I'm making for my friends.

Speaking of the baby quilt... That little stinker decided to make his appearance three weeks early. Austin Lawrence Littau was born on August 8. Although he was a little early, his height and weight were about normal and he only stayed in NICU for a few hours while he was checked out stem to stern. That's the good news. The bad news is that his quilt isn't finished yet. I do have it all put together and am in the process of quilting it. If Austin had come at his appointed time, there is a really good chance that his quilt would have been ready. That's OK, though. He won't need something as warm as a quilt for a couple of months until the weather cools down.

I also have lots of other projects lined up on my to-do list. I am currently working on a thank you gift for a friend. I also want to make another thank you gift for a friend who is always doing things for me and never wants anything in return. And, of course, I have the "Quilting" cross stitch piece to work up into something. And I want to make a small wall hanging for my good buddy Pat with whom I have lunch once a month.

Whew! As you can see, I have lots of ideas and plans ahead. I have enough projects and supplies on hand to keep me busy until I'm 100...and I just had my 62nd birthday! Maybe I need to pare down a bit. :-)

OK. Now you know what I'm up to. No photos this time, but I hope my next post includes photos of a completed quilt that is ready for shipping to Pennsylvania.

Til then...