Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back in the Groove

On Monday of this week, I decided to work on the baby quilt some more. And it was quite successful, in my opinion. I have completed the body of the top. A quick test of the red fabric for the first border showed that it was susceptible to running. Yes, I know. I should have tested it when it first came in the house, but I didn't need it then. So, I just ran it through a wash with Retayne and it is now drying. I don't have a working dryer so the fabric is draped over a chair in front of a fan. It should be dry fairly soon. When it's dry, I'll cut the strips for the first border. Here is a photo of the top before borders.

I thought you might also want to see the fabrics that I'll be using for the borders and the backing. I'll use either the yellow or the green for the second border and the other one will be used for the backing. My next task will be to decide which one to use for the binding. Fortunately, that won't be an issue for a while.
Unfortunately, I don't think the quilt will be ready for the expected birth around September 1. But the upcoming new parents live in Pennsylvania so it will be a while before a quilt is needed.

While the red fabric is drying, I think I'll cut the paper pieces for the English paper piecing pattern that I need to test. Lots of things to do! But maybe I'll take a nap first...

Thanks for reading.

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  1. So impressive in person. Thanks for sharing it with me today. Beautiful:) Love it:) Did you look at all of Deana's fabrics she posted on her blog? Denise