Sunday, July 24, 2011

OK. Now what?

I feel all adrift. Or as my mom used to put it "at sixes and sevens." Yesterday I finished a wall hanging. I can't post a photo of it because it's a surprise for a friend and I don't want to ruin the surprise. Anyway, now that it's finished, what do I do? I could work on the baby quilt, but I'm not in the mood. I have done a little work on it. The purple diagonal row is finished and I'm sewing the blues together for the next row. But it's not exciting me.

I could knit on the sock I have started...but I'm not in the mood.

I am a pattern tester for The Quilt Pattern Magazine ( The pattern I'm testing is English paper piecing Christmas ornaments. But before I can start working on them, I need to cut paper pieces and dig out fabric. And I'm just not in the mood. Besides, the results of my test isn't due until the middle of August. Plenty of time!

I could do lots of things, but nothing is turning on my creative juices. It's like this for me every time I finish a project. I always have a boatload of projects in progress, but for some reason they are not appealing right after finishing a project.

Guess I'll just turn on the radio and see if I can find something to listen to. Or maybe I'll get the Kindle and pick up where I left off last night on the book I'm reading. It's about a couple right after WWII. The guy has trouble dealing with the mental aspects of the war and to save his wife and children from his nightmares, he leaves home. Keep in mind that times are really hard right then and he has trouble finding jobs. Anyway, it's a good book. Maybe that's what I'll a little bit.

I'm glad to have the project finished and can hardly wait to see my friend's reaction. If only I didn't feel so...I don't sixes and sevens!

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure I'll find my enthusiasm again by then. Today I'll just take it easy and enjoy the "cooler" weather. ha!

Thanks for reading.


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